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Toilet Soap

MADAME NAZ toilet hand soap:

This pure soap by GREENO smells heavenly of oriental perfumes, fresh fruit, and roses. The friendly foam nourishes the skin gently. Containing 100% natural olive oil for daily use to clean the hands for flawless beauty.

MADAME NAZ bar soap is a true jewel in your washbasin for your hand's skin, ensuring a handful of fragrances every time.

Provide hygiene and softness for your hands.

It has a skin-friendly pH value and is suitable for all skin types, and all family members.

hand soap 350 gr Greeno Cosetics
Toiletry soap for daily use olive oil Greeno Cosmetics.jpeg
Bar soap lavander 85-90gr.png
Bar soap lavander 85-90gr.png
Bar soap lavander 85-90gr_001.png
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