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Greeno Baharhan Gift Box_5.jpg

Hair wash

3 cups






1½ cups


Face wash

Body wash

Hands wash

Gift Box

Luxurious gift sets, Bar soap, Liquid soap, Shampoo, and loofah

All together in a wooden luxurious box.

Aleppo soap gift box

Luxurious Set

  • One Shampoo.

  • One Liquid soap.

  • Two 100 gr. soaps.

  • One natural loofah.

Aleppo soap gift box

Diplomat Set

  • Total six pieces of Round Bar soap, one piece of each smell.

Aleppo soap gift box

Valentines Day Set

  • Total six pieces of  Bar soap. One piece of each smell.

Aleppo soap gift box

Promotion Gift Set

  • One piece 50 ml shampoo.

  • One piece 50 ml liquid soap.

  • Two pieces of 30 gr. bar soap.

  • All of them same smell.

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