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Olive oil

GREENO is one of the best exporters of Turkish olive oil

Our passion for olive oil comes from following the way of our ancestors and our loyalty to this royal field; Greeno company started its business in 2013 with olive oil products, then expanded to include Aleppo soap.


We honor what our ancestors lived by and provide authentic olive oil products that will liven your dishes and promote your well-being.


Olive oil types GREENO provides:

Olive oil Greeno
Olive oil image Greeno

Extra virgin olive oil

For gourmets who love intense taste

The perfect olive oil type from GREENO is produced from the first cold press of olives fruits, with the lowest acidity (maximum 0.8° degrees).


The unique olives are picked from the olive trees and thoroughly start the journey; after carefully picking up and washing the olive fruits, the crushing and extraction step starts, and finally, filtering and bottling.


Its taste makes you feel a very mild burning, a rare bitterness in the mouth; thus, you will feel the unique taste of olive oil more intensely.


It appeals to your palate with its flavor and lightness and to your whole body with its beneficial ingredients.


Since its production is completed without heat exposure (all Cold press presence), functional components remain hidden.


It does not contain any additives or preservative materials.

It is the ideal oil with its taste, odor, naturalness, rich aroma, and vitamins it contains. It adds flavor to breakfasts and salads as well as meals.


Fundamentally, every olive oil starts with an acidity level of zero; then acidity increases with time and other factors; based on this note, we can move up to the second product.

Virgin olive oil

Virgin olive oil

It's the next down on the list, also produced from the first cold pressing of olive fruits but with a maximum acidity level of 2° degrees.

It is less expensive than extra virgin while maintaining the best quality olive oil in terms of taste, health benefits, and nutritional value.

Both types of extra virgin and virgin olive oils are naturally occurring antioxidants and polyphenols.

However, the quantities of antioxidants and polyphenols do not relate to whether the oil is extra virgin or just virgin; a mild-tasting virgin will likely have fewer polyphenols than a robust-tasting extra virgin olive oil.


Virgin is almost as good as extra virgin olive oil, the flavor that virgin olive oil offers are rich in original olive essence, but it is less intense than extra virgin oil.

We can use virgin olive oil in salads, as a finishing spray, and in lower-heat cooking, like extra-virgin olive oil.

Greeno virgin olive oil

Essential to take attention:

In all types of olive oil, at temperatures over 350 degrees, the flavor begins to deteriorate rapidly, and an acrid, burned taste dominates, but if you are mindful about monitoring your heat, cooking with olive oil adds incomparable flavor to your oil adds incomparable flavor to whatever you're cooking.

Pomace olive oil

The hidden reason for light meals.

It's the third type of edible olive oil, her down, let's explain how we are getting it:

In the last step of pressing, we get in hand a heavy mixture of leftover olive fruits; here we are getting crude pomace oil from repressing this mixture.

Crude pomace olive oil is not suitable for human consumption unless we refine it, whereas its acidity exceeds 3.0° degrees, this type of oil is used for making Aleppo soap.

After refining the crude olive oil, we get the pomace olive oil, our third edible olive oil.


Exceptionally light, with the proper techniques, refined pomace oil is turned into a perfect oil for cooking and frying. It is distinguished from other edible oils with its 100% olive production and beneficial ingredients. It is preferred with its reasonable price, health-friendliness, and taste.


This oil is ideal for frying in addition to meals since it is specially prepared to withstand high temperatures and enhance the essential properties of olive oil.



Be careful to store your olive oil away from direct heat and sunlight to avoid any taste changing with your olive oil, this note involves to EVOO, VOO and POO alike.

pomace olive oil - Greeno
olive oil Turkey

Benefits of olive oil:

Nutritional, therapeutic, and cosmetic


Olive oil is excellent for the general health of the human body, the main component of any healthy diet.

The term refers to this as having lost some medicinal substances. It contains a high percentage of nutrients, unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamin E, which are responsible for olive oil's many benefits.

To reduce the rate of fat in the body (LDL), it protects the heart and capillaries in patients with high blood pressure; it helps to fight cholesterol.


In addition to its therapeutic properties, it has many cosmetic properties, rich in antioxidants, repairs and nourishes the skin, and prevents signs of aging.

It is suitable for all skin types, adults, children, and babies.

It works for facial skin, removes makeup, cleanses, and deeply moisturizes it. It is sufficient to apply olive oil on the face, remove it with a cotton ball soaked with warm water, then rinse the face with cold water to close the facial pores, and the result will be fantastic.


Olive oil is also effective for hair and scalp care. It moisturizes the hair and nourishes the nails because it contains a long list of vitamins, especially polyphenols, that have been known to hair for thousands of years, raising, repairing, and providing the hair fiber with everything it needs.

GREENO products are available with the following packaging:

  • Marasca Glass Bottles: 250, 500, 750 ml, 1, 1.5 & 3 Liter

  • Glass Bottle with Handle: 250, 500 ml, 3 Liter

  • PET Bottles: 175, 250, 500, 750 ML, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Liter

  • Tins: 175, 500 ML, 2, 3, 4, 10, 14, 17 Liter

  • Steel Drums: 195 kg

  • Flexitanks: 21 ton

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