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Winter skincare routine

A few TIPS for helping your skin stay glowing during winter days:

When we say winter directly, it comes to our brain's cold and dryness, this likely season is always a challenging season for the skin, but to make it a kind visitor, we should follow the proper routine that can make all the difference.

This blog will discuss tips to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful; even if it's the coldest months of the year, I am a fan of the glamorous season.

Famous winter skin problems:

The cold weather and shortage of moisture can cause several skin problems. Below will tick off some of these problems:

1- Dry skin:

Cold weather and less wet levels can cause dry, broken, and flaky skin. Dry skin looks very pale and fierce and is challenging to handle.

2- Inflamed skin

Cold weather can irritate living skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Dry skin can itch quickly and is prone to redness.

3- Chapped lips:

Shortage of moisture in the air during the winter can make your lips dry and chapped. Chapped lips can be annoying and unsightly.

4- Dermatitis:

This is a general term for any inflammatory skin condition. This skin condition becomes severe during cold winter days. Several things, including allergies, irritants, or infections, could cause it.

Tips for preventing dryness during the winter:

Winters are dry, which can lead to tightness and itching of the skin.

You make a few things to help your skin stay relaxed, look healthy, and protect it when exposed to the cold. Winter skincare routine products help moisturize your skin, which helps protect it from external irritants and harsh conditions.

Here are some tips for your winter skincare routine:


Moisturizing is the most essential step in any winter skincare routine.

Winter is on the door for this year, and for some of us, that means dry, cracked skin on our hands, feet, and face.

You will have a miserable time this season if you don't use suitable soap for cleaning your skin and moisturizers to keep your skin soft and supple.

A good soap can work as a cleaner and moisturizer simultaneously, like our natural BAHARHAN Aleppo soap, which can do wonders for dry skin. Use it regularly, and we assure you that you will get rid of dryness; we advise a higher percentage of laurel oil for people facing a big problem of drying and rough skin.

Make sure to use Aleppo soap every morning and evening shower. It's essential in the colder months to get extra care; we advise using BAHARHAN raw shea butter, especially after your shower, to lock the dampness in your skin and keep it hydrated in the colder months.

It is necessary to know that the body needs an integrated system to get the best results, which are reflected negatively or positively on our skin.

So consider the following:

1- Choosing a gentle cleanser (BAHARHAN natural Aleppo soap products are one of the best choices).

2- Exfoliating regularly (we advise BAHARHAN Moroccan soap).

3- Drinking a lot of water.

4- Avoid hot showers (as we all know, hot shower ribbon away natural oils from your skin, leaving it more susceptible to dryness).

5- Eating a balanced diet.


Winter skin problems are widespread, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer.

Following these simple tips can help prevent winter skin problems and keep your skin looking its finest all season long.

Remember to moisturize your skin regularly, drink plenty of water, and protect your skin from cold and wind. With a little effort, you can also have gorgeous skin in winter.

Contact us; we are excited to share you finding your skin soulmate for this winter and every winter.

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