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The incredible beauty properties of Moroccan black soap

Thousands of years ago, Moroccan black soap saw the light. It formed a large part of the beauty regimen of the region's ladies.

Unsurprisingly, it has never gone out of style and is still used regionally by Moroccan ladies, and now it's spread worldwide.

So what is Moroccan black soap? And what is it made of? And why and how has it remained relevant in the world of beauty for several centuries in a row?

What is Moroccan black soap?

Moroccan black soap, or Baladi soap, is a dark jellied paste used to cleanse, hydrate, and exfoliate the skin.

Its name comes from its dark color, ranging from dark brown to deep green, depending on the harvest season of the oil used to produce this unique product.

What is Moroccan soap made of?

The secret behind Moroccan black soap being used for centuries for cosmetic and hygiene purposes is that it is derived from natural ingredients.

Moroccan black soap is usually made by mixing olive oil, Argan oil, or any other vegetable oil with cosmetic properties. As Greeno company, we chose laurel oil to be added; this unique oil is well known for its sterilizing and antiseptic properties, and we got BAHARHAN Moroccan soap products in hand.

The efficiency of BAHARHAN Moroccan soap and its natural and clean ingredients make it more suitable and attractive for beauty and skincare lovers.

What are the benefits of BAHARHAN Moroccan black soap?

Now, after we have learned what Moroccan soap is and what it is made of, it’s time to understand why the timeless praise surrounds this magical gel. Moroccan soap is naturally rich in vitamin E, which makes it high in antioxidants that give it powerful properties in skin cell regeneration.

The strong vitamin E presence contributes to slowing down the process of aging; this timeless product packs loads of vitamins and has a high concentration of iron, copper, calcium, and vitamins A and D. The presence of this highly beneficial cocktail of vitamins explains its valuable skincare properties.

Where to even start?

It gently cleanses the skin by removing all impurities and dead skin cells without vexing the skin barriers, leaving it soft and well-nourished. It also provides hydration and has natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties thanks to laurel oil. It can even help with toning the skin with its anti-aging properties.

Also, what makes BAHARHAN Moroccan black soap even more appealing is its inclusivity! It is suited for all skin types and can be safely used daily.

How to use BAHARHAN Moroccan black soap?

Now that we have piqued your curiosity and interest in BAHARHAN Moroccan black soap, you must be wondering how to use a soap that doesn't look like a traditional soap.

Don't worry; it's pretty simple.

BAHARHAN Moroccan black soap is used in the same manner as traditional soaps, with the exception that it generates very little foam and can be applied directly on soaked skin with circular motions and wait for 10-15 minutes; now it's time for peeling, so take your Kessa glove or your loofah and scrub your skin with slow strokes, you will notice dark particles appearing while exfoliating, don't worry now you can say Bye-Bye to your dead skin cells and hello to your fresh, clean, vibrant skin, then continue your regular shower routine.

Convinced and curious to try this ancestral skincare timeless product? Check out our GREENO products page, where we bring you the best Moroccan soap and all of Aleppo soap's natural, efficient, and affordable skincare products.


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