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The underlying cause for starting Greeno's production of Aleppo soap

As one of the world's oldest cities, Aleppo soap is one of the unique products of its past, the different cultures that have passed through the years have influenced the city's cultural heritage and unique way of life.

However, Aleppo's one of the most significant contributions to the world may be the Aleppo soap.

Syrian artisans have made soap bars from olive oil and laurel oil for thousands of years, a favorite natural product and cultural pride of Aleppo.

Defying the conditions to keep the culture of Aleppo soap alive, BAHARHAN Aleppo soap products aim to promote this cultural product in the best way and in the same unique method of cooking as our ancestors with trying to save this legacy. In our endeavor to enrich this field, we have added some varieties of soap, considered traditional Aleppo soap as raw material, such as aromatic Aleppo soap bar, liquid Aleppo soap, and Moroccan black soap with Aleppo soap taste.

Greeno natural Aleppo soap products

Aleppo soap is the world's oldest natural product made of olive oil, laurel oil, water, and lye. The laurel oil is an effective antiseptic and cleanser that, together with olive oil, helps to purify and nourish your skin.

The season of cooking Aleppo soap starts at the end of the olive harvest season, at the end of each year, between November and January. It lets to dry for up to six months; while drying, the soap turns from green to its distinctive beige color while maintaining its natural antibiotic properties.

My beautiful city Aleppo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a center for classical Arabic music, and famous for its literary traditions.

I feel so proud to belong to this great city and to be one of the warriors to preserve such a legacy of Aleppo soap without distorting this unique product.

Working with Syrian Aleppo soap makers, BAHARHAN Aleppo soap is made in Turkey and traditionally imported from Europe, USA, and Gulf Area. It serves as a symbol of Aleppo's cultural heritage and contribution to the world.

BAHARHAN Aleppo soap project idea came to help keep this craft alive. In doing so, we want to tell a different story about Aleppo than the one that many know only through the media coverage of recent years, and I hope we will succeed all together.

This city deserves to be mentioned in the history books among the great cities with immortal achievements, as it was always discussed and forever.

Aleppo is a city of victories, peace, and justice and has been a beacon of art, culture, and civilization over the centuries; it will remain as its castle a symbol of patience and strength despite all it is going through.

Tell us, have you ever visited this majestic edifice and wandered through its historical alleys that tell thousands of stories of heroism and wars it fought successfully?

What was your impression, and what is the impact that has always remained with you on this trip?

For me, I can confirm that my memory and soul constantly roam the alleys of my beautiful city.

I whisper to myself how much we miss the scent of her earthy alleys and the fragrance of her jasmine in our exile.

Every day I tell her that only our bodies left her forcibly and assure her children are always praying for her recovery.

I tell daily we are confident that we are with her strong enough to rise again as befits her history, as we have always known.

Aleppo, you are like a mother from which we derive strength, pride, dignity, and the ability to face difficulties and recover.


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