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Greeno Olive Oil: A Symphony of Nature and Craftsmanship in Turkish Liquid Gold Production

In this blog post, we will address your inquiries regarding the production of olive oil in Turkey.

Greeno Turkish olive oil


Embarking on a journey into the heart of Turkey's olive groves unveils a captivating story of liquid gold – the exquisite olive oil that has been cherished for centuries. In this blog, we'll delve into the artistry behind Turkish olive oil production, with a special focus on the extraordinary Greeno Olive Oil, exploring the unique factors that contribute to its unparalleled flavor and quality.

Nature's Influence on Olive Oil Production:

The magical transformation of olives into liquid gold is influenced by a harmonious blend of nature's elements. Geographical factors such as the land, climate, and cultivars play pivotal roles in this age-old process. The Mediterranean climate, with its cold, rainy winters and hot, dry summers, provides the perfect backdrop for olive cultivation.

Olive Tree Adaptability:

One remarkable aspect of olive trees is their adaptability to diverse physical conditions. While the preferred temperature hovers above minus 5°C, these resilient trees can survive even colder climates, with some examples enduring regions as frigid as minus 12°C. The sweet spot for cultivating olive trees lies within latitudes 30° and 45°, where exposure to cold during the year is crucial for proper olive blossom formation.

Olive fields

Rainfall and Timing:

Beyond temperature, rainfall plays a significant role in olive oil production. The dream scenario involves rainy winters and dry summers – the hallmark of a Mediterranean climate. These weather patterns contribute to the development of perfect olives, setting the stage for crafting the finest Turkish olive oil, epitomized by the exceptional Greeno Olive Oil.

The Olive Oil Production Symphony:

Once nature sets the stage, the intricate symphony of olive oil production commences, with Greeno Olive Oil at the forefront. From the hands of olive tree growers to the Olive Oil mills and Greeno bottled olive oil enhance your meals with love by adding a drizzle of Greeno bottled olive oil. Each step is a carefully choreographed dance, ensuring the preservation of premium quality.

Swift Harvesting and Processing:

A pivotal factor in this dance is the swift transport of freshly harvested olives to the Olive Oil mill. The proximity between the olive ranch and the mill is key, minimizing the time olives are exposed to light and air, and preserving their freshness.

Cleaning and Crushing:

Upon reaching the mill, olives undergo a meticulous cleaning process, ridding them of stems, leaves, twigs, and debris. The subsequent step involves crushing the olives and transforming them into a paste – a fundamental phase in the extraction of Greeno Olive Oil's liquid gold.

Mixing and kneading: The Essence of Flavor:

Slow blending and gentle agitation, often overlooked, emerge as the essence of flavor in Greeno Olive Oil. This slow and intense mixing process shapes the taste and aroma of the oil. Chemical reactions during malaxing give rise to the captivating notes of fresh fruit, green grass, and apples that define Greeno Olive Oil's premium quality.

Centrifugation and Cold Pressing:

Following malaxing, centrifugation separates the liquid gold from water, pulp, and solids. Adhering to the cold-pressing standard, where temperatures stay below 27°C, ensures preserving Greeno Olive Oil's integrity and quality.

The Elation of the First Drop:

As the journey concludes, the final, joyous moment arrives – the first drop of Greeno Olive Oil's liquid gold emerges. This culmination of technical expertise, experience, and a profound connection to olive oil and its cultural significance results in the production of Turkey's finest olive oil – a true liquid gold that embodies the richness of Turkish heritage and the artistry of olive oil production, with Greeno Olive Oil leading the way.

Experience the richness of flavor and elevate your culinary creations with the liquid gold of Greeno Olive Oil. Discover the difference quality makes – drizzle, dip, and delight your taste buds. Make Greeno Olive Oil an essential in your kitchen today!


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