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Best soap... Best Skin...Best Environment

BAHARHAN Aleppo soap products are vegan-friendly:

All of our BAHARHAN products are vegan-friendly, as we use a rich blend of olive oil and laurel oil and scent them with the purest fragrances vegan derived.

We use excellent, simple, wholesome ingredients to conquer dirt and nourish your skin. BAHRAHAN products are all-natural and genially work in harmony with your skin; in addition to leaving your skin cleansed and ultra-moisturized, our natural soap leaves you with a clear conscience that your skin, environment, and family are saved.

100% Eco-friendly & Biodegradable:

The ingredients we use with BAHARHAN products are all easily bio-degradable since they are made of olive oil and laurel oil and are thus much more eco-friendly than commercially produced soaps that we see on the market's shelves.

Our products will naturally decompose and are less likely to disturb environmental cycles.

You can now reassuringly transform every bath and shower into an explosion of senses and let the softness of thousand delicate bubbles rise in a rich lather to moisturize your skin while allowing the goodness and aroma of oriental scents chosen carefully by GREENO to enhance your mood.

How to prolong the life of your BAHARHAN Aleppo soap:

BAHRAHAN Aleppo soap bar differs in feel and texture from commercial soap; it's softer due to its natural ingredients and private production process; it's also more expensive, so we advise you to keep your Aleppo soap bar in a dry place after each use to make its age longer.

To get the best from your soap bar and make it last longer, you can use a dish with good drainage or hang BAHARHAN soap with its rope which distinguishes the design of BAHRAHAN products from the rest of Aleppo soap products.

Aleppo soap is rich in natural oils; the high olive oil content means your soap prefers to avoid sitting in a puddle of water as the olive oil attracts water, and if left in stagnant water, the soap will become mushy and break down quickly.

Therefore, store your soap between uses on a soap dish that has good drainage and allows for plenty of airflow around the soap.

Also, in the shower, make sure that BAHARHAN bar soap is not under the shower spray; move it to the opposite side of the shower or even store your soap outside the shower cabinet.

We assure you that using BAHARAHAN Aleppo soap will be an excellent transformative experience!

All BAHARHAN Aleppo soap products are made of the finest olive oil and laurel oil.

A natural skin moisturizer perfect for dry and sensitive skin, including eczema and psoriasis.

Our products are made with a minimum of 70% Olive Oil and different percentages of laurel oil.

It gives your skin the perfect moisture and lather while enjoying the fantastic aroma of the oriental scents of BAHARHAN products.

Greeno company is a high-quality Aleppo soap producer that moved its Aleppine experience from Syria to Turkey, created for a unique, pampering, moisturizing experience.

Our soap collections are meticulously fashioned by Aleppine artisans following the local Aleppo soap traditions and keeping authentic, handcrafted. Fresh, natural ingredients in every soap we offer to our clientele.

Quality is everything to us, so the purity and gentle extra moisturizing properties make BAHARHAN products ideal for any skin type and all family members.

We don't just sell soaps; we provide our clients with an experience with a wide selection of 16 types of Aleppine soaps.

Our goal is to unleash every beautiful skin with confidence and empower upcoming generations by raising awareness about the importance of using eco-friendly products made in traditional ways.

If your goal intersects with what we aspire to, then let's hear your comments about your experience with Aleppo soap if you have had a chance to use it before, if not hurry up without waiting and email us at or WhatsApp us +90 533 930 09 95 to give us a chance to be your first experience partner.


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