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The origins of this miraculous soap:

The history of Aleppo soap dates back to ancient times. That known it is the oldest soap in the world in its tradition. It was created for the first time in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Medieval Crusaders brought Aleppo soap as a toilet soap" to the West. They discovered it in the east, more precisely in northern Syria. Aleppo soap spread on the edge of the Mediterranean in France in the fifteenth century.

High-quality Aleppo soap should have a smooth consistency and not be greasy.

Outside, it is a beautiful brown; inside, its heart is green and exudes the aroma of olive and laurel oils.

Aleppo soap manufacture

This natural soap is still made nowadays following the same process developed over 2,000 years ago!

Professional Aleppiens soap makers use precisely the same artisanal processes as their predecessors.

The original recipe's ingredients are olive oil, water, lye, and laurel oil.

Aleppo soap manufacturing steps:

Saponification starts with heating the water and lye in a huge copper cauldron. Then they add olive oil. Then the mixture was heated for about 12 hours and left to rest.

The next day the cauldron contents are heated between 80° to 100°C while mixing. Filtered laurel oil is then added.

A soap paste is obtained to rid it of any soda remains and rinsed many times with salty water.

The rinse water is removed from the copper cauldron, then recirculated. All these phases are part of the saponification process.

The natural chemical reaction between the ingredients turns the mixture into soap particles.

The soap mixture is laid on a smooth stone floor covered with a particular paper to avoid dirtiness.

The soap makers cover it with a plank that they climb on to equalize the thickness of the Aleppo soap. Again, preparation for rest is allowed for one day.

Once the mixture is stiff, it is cut by hand into soap blocks with a cube shape as the traditional recipe; each soap is tagged with the manufacturer's stamp.

Then soap bars are stored in pyramids or cylinder shapes in well-ventilated cellars, keeping enough space between each cube, protected from sunlight, where it matures slowly. This is the drying step that lasts at least six months. During this period, the soap oxidizes on the surface and turns golden/brown when it dries, while the inside of the soap remains emerald green.

How to choose the most suitable Aleppo soap?

Aleppo soap presents incomparable skin and hair benefits. Nourishes, refresh and protects; fit for all skin types and all ages.

This is the secret behind the increasing number of people using Aleppo soap daily worldwide.

A soap containing less laurel oil is sufficient for sensitive or dry skin without other unique concerns; the percentage of laurel oil is usually indicated on the soap packaging; the content of laurel oil is the "marvel ingredient" in Aleppo soap.

The higher its content, the higher its hydration and its price.

For the most demanding, very dry, or fragile skin, concentrated Aleppo soap with up to 40% laurel oil provides incomparable hydration...

Aleppo soap for hygiene and body care:

Aleppo soap is called the green gold of Aleppo because of what it stores from treasures for skin

and hair.

It is particularly suitable for dehydrated skin because the olive and laurel oil compose it offers a relaxing, softening, and nutritious action, so the skin's hydrolipidic layer is naturally renewed.

It is also essential for sensitive skin prone to eczema, psoriasis, or fungal infections. In the face of this type of skin problem, Aleppo soap derives its anti-allergic, antiseptic and antiseptic abilities!

Change your classic shower gel and enjoy the benefits of Aleppo liquid soap now!

Aleppo liquid or solid soap can be used for delicate baby skin, as it doesn't contain preservatives or colorants, also can be used for daily body, face, and hand routines.

Aleppo soap for magnificence and healthy hair

Aleppo soap is famous because of its moisturizing and softening properties.

Aleppo shampoo in liquid form is very easy to use, especially on long hair. However, Aleppo solid soap can be used as a shampoo simply by rubbing it gently on wet hair while showering or bathing.

It cleanses deeply and softens the scalp thanks to its high content of oils. Using Aleppo soap as a shampoo means enjoying the benefits of its natural ingredients.

Aleppo soap for facial flaunting

In addition to hands, hair, and body, Aleppo soap is also perfect for flaunting the face.

A natural material that gently exfoliates the pores. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin deeply while regulating excess sebum. This makes it a perfect soap for acne-prone skin! Even fragile or highly allergic skin can use this soap without worry.

Aleppo soap using means zero-waste bathroom

GREENO Co. Ltd. Is committed to preserving the environment and has selected solutions for a waste-free bathroom: start today with a beauty routine that is entirely responsible for the environment!

For your well-being and the planet, choose natural products without components from animal sources and Cruelty-Free.

As you heeded above, natural Aleppo soap can be used by all family members, regardless of age or skin type.

It's also good for the skin, hair, and the planet!

Tell us in the comments: Did you had a chance to use Aleppo soap before? If yes, tell us how you use it and why it became your favorite soap?


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