Removes microbs with the dead skin cells thanks to the laurel oil it contains while moisturising your skin. Does not contain any other kinf of oil. You will feel the difference starting with the first use. VEGAN. ORGANIC. Does not contain PARABEN, SILISIUM OR SLESS.

True Aleppo liquid soap. Created to ease the use of soap on a daily basis as a matter of practicality, this soap was created for those who wish to find well made Aleppo soap while enjoying the convenience of using a bottle, for example washing clothes, shampoo, and daily use.
we offer you 6 defferent choices of oriental parfumes of 250ml bottel.
This is a soap used for the body and hair, does not dry out the skin, and its suitabel for all familly members.
It is rich of vitamine E which is allowing it to protect the skin from drying out, inaddetion to that its a natural antibacterial thanks to laurel oil

3 x 250 ML Baharhan Musk Liquid Soap

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€37.83Sale Price
    • Musk perfume.
    • Olive Oil.
    • Laurel Oil.
    • Aqua (Purified water).
    • Potasium hidrokside (0,1%).
    • PH 6,00-7,00.