Removes microbs with the dead skin cells thanks to the laurel oil it contains while moisturising your skin. Hekps removing the black spots. Does not contain any other kinf of oil. You will feel the difference starting with the first use. VEGAN. ORGANIC. Does not contain PARABEN, SILISIUM OR SLESS.

In the Moroccan tradition, this gel is an essential product in the hammams, where a whole bath routine is established. Skin is coated with this gel which is facilitates removal of dead skin. After the use of BAHARHAN Moroccan soap, Skin is thoroughly cleansed, it become soft and silky.
Rich in vitamin E, its nourishing and regenerates the skin.

2 x 400 ML Baharhan Incense Moroccan Soap

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    • Incense perfume.
    • Olive oil.
    • Laurel oil.
    • Aqua (Purified water).
    • Potasium hidrokside (0,1%).